Another historical project: Rogun Hydropower Plant-1

The team of TADES CJSC is convinced that the construction of the Rogun HPS-1 will become a historical investment in the history of our country.

Rogun Hydroelectric Power Station - a hydropower plant under construction in Tajikistan on the Vakhsh River, is part of the Vakhsh cascade, being its upper stage.

The design capacity of the hydroelectric power station is 3600 MW, the average annual output is 13.1 billion kWh.

At the moment, about 50 units of construction equipment disassemble the blockage and produce inert materials for the construction of the dam core.

We believe in the strategic importance and significance of the construction of this facility, and we make the necessary effort and apply the right knowledge in the field of hydropower and construction for the benefit of our country.

Vakhsh River

Republic of Tajikistan