Our Company

Closed Joint Stock Company TADES was established in 2004 as a result of the transformation of Open Joint-Stock Company Design, Industrial and Construction Association TADES.

CJSC TADES currently has a firm foothold in the market for engineering services in the energy sector, implementing projects across the Republic of Tajikistan and beyond.

The priority direction of the company's activity is the design, construction and reconstruction of electric power facilities. CJSC TADES is a recognized expert in the field of hydropower and energy management. The company is also actively developing areas in the field of civil engineering, having vast experience in infrastructure development.


The most important competitive advantage of our company is its capacity to perform a complete range of operations for turnkey delivery. This is primarily attributed to the significant accumulated experience in various activities:

  • A full range of geodetic and survey works
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Civil engineering works
  • Construction of hydraulic engineering facilities
  • Construction of substations
  • Electric installation works
  • Construction of overhead power lines
  • Commissioning
  • Energy audit
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Production of inert materials
  • Production of reinforced concrete structures

Company history


В 1939 году для решения вопросов, связанных с электрификацией сельского хозяйства Таджикской ССР, был создан трест «Таджиксельэлектрострой».

The main objectives set for the trust were to build and commission power grid facilities, provide integrated design of 0.4-110 kV power networks with engineering and technical surveys, develop 0.4-110 kV electric mains for the advanced development of districts and regions of the TSSR through the application of high-tech economic design and construction solutions.


At the end of 1987, Tajik Design, Industrial and Construction Association for the construction of power networks TADES was established on the basis of the Tajikselelektrostroy trust, Tajik OKP, SAO Selenergoproject and Repair and Construction Agency Tajikenergoremont. TADES also incorporated the units of the planning and surveying institute Tajikenergoproject and Self-financing repair and construction site Spetsenergoremont. TADES thereby became a chief design and contracting organization for the design and construction of 0.4-220 kV power lines and 6.10/0.4 kV and 110/35/10 kV electrical substations in the Tajik SSR.


In 1999, Design, Industrial and Construction Association TADES with the State Company Barqi Tojik was transformed into the open joint-stock company Design, Industrial and Construction Association TADES, which was the main self-financing link in the management of power grid construction in the Republic of Tajikistan and constituted a single production and economic complex.

Throughout the many years since its inception, OJSC Design, Industrial and Construction Association TADES has been actively involved in all of the significant construction projects in the country: Tavildara substation, 35 kV USSR-India overhead electric line for direct connection between the two countries, 110 kV overhead electric line between the Nurek Hydro Power Plant (HPP) substation and the Tutkaul substation, power supply to the Qunduz Province of the Islamic State of Afghanistan, the Ismoili Somoni Monument, and others.

In addition to specialized goals and objectives associated with the construction, reconstruction and restoration of power facilities, in the period from 1985 through 2000, OJSC Design, Industrial and Construction Association TADES completed colossal amounts of construction and repair operations at the crucial construction sites of the national economy.


In 2004, the form of incorporation of OJSC Design, Industrial and Construction Association TADES was changed, and the company became a closed joint-stock company. In addition, the company incorporated Joint Limited Liability Company TADES International. JLLC TADES International has repeatedly participated in various tenders announced by the Centre for the implementation of projects of international credit organizations, has vast experience in making and delivering on such major contracts as Replacement of Shurchasay siphon ducts in the Khatlon Region, Rehabilitation of the Grand Hisor Canal in the Lenin District, Emergency measures for stabilizing the Baipaza landslide and many more. Later, in 2013, the company was renamed Closed Joint-Stock Company TajikHydroEnergoStroy