Mechanical Unit 1

Mechanical Unit 1 was established in 1938; its main activities include repair and construction of substations and power lines, preparation of construction sites, excavation works, installation of external and internal networks and equipment, as well as commissioning. The subsidiary has highly effective production facilities and competent personnel. Currently Mechanical Unit 1 is a subsidiary of CJSC TADES. The company is located 18 km from the city of Dushanbe, in the Rudaki District.

The company holds license RZ-7 0000749 of the State Licensing Center for the following activities:

  • Construction and assembly operations (except construction of individual houses);
  • Installation of metal frames;
  • Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic structures;
  • Installation of precast reinforced concrete structures;
  • Stone, brick and block masonry;
  • Installation of external utility networks, systems and equipment: power supply networks and electric lighting;
  • Electrical installations
  • Installation of internal utility networks: power supply networks, installation and assembly of electrical equipment and electric lighting.

Mechanical Unit 1 has constructed and assembled power lines and transformer substations in all regions of the country and has experience in the construction of electric networks spanning more than 45 years. Over the last 16 years, Mechanical Unit 1 has performed construction and assembly works at all essential sites for the construction of 0.4 to 500 kV power lines and substations.

Major projects completed by Mechanical Unit 1 in recent years include Construction of Firdavsi 110/10 kV substation with a connection to a 110 kV overhead power line, Kanibadam-Batken 220 kV overhead power line, Lolazor-Sangtuda 220 kV overhead power line, Sangtuda-1 220 kV overhead power line – VATZ 220 kV ORU (open distribution system).

In 2009, it is planned to construct a KPP 6-5RP 2 10 kV overhead power line (within the dimensions of a 220 kV line), Sangtuda-state border 220 kV overhead power line, etc.

Mechanical Unit 1 is deployed in the village of Mavch of the Rudaki District, 18 km from the city of Dushanbe.